Monday, December 17

Red with studs.

I picked up a few things last week. Badly needed, except for the coat, of which I have many..
The stud zara wallet I was delighted to get, because I had seen it awhile back and it hadn't been in stores when I looked. So when I was buying a new pair of jeans below I asked the girl at the till and she was able to find one in the back!
A pair of black chelsea boots from korky's are a staple for me this winter and then a flannel shirt I picked up in a second hand store which has a gorgeous print but unfortunately is absolutely colossal.
As for the red riding hood type coat, I found this in the brand new ONLY store on Grafton street.
Nice for a bit of colour.

Saturday, November 17


Hmmm.. the Fern House... our families favourite spot to get some delicious breakfast.

Sunday, November 4


My little sister will have to work on her photography skills.. but at least she was willing to take some pictures.
Here's just what I was wearing to college the other day.

Saturday, November 3


So I haven't been posting very often these days... a lack of inspiration possibly. 
I don't think I get on too well with the colder weather recently.
Days have been filled quite simply with college and general 4th year studies, which I'm not too fond of.
But then again, who is?

I picked up a pair of cross earrings recently which I love.. and a nice little package came in the post for me too.
Things aren't so bad I guess.

Thursday, October 18


Yet more interiors... I can't wait to own my personal little studio pad and be able to do it up just as I like.
Until then, I will continue visualising...
white, white, white.

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