Wednesday, December 28


Tuesday, December 27

Sunday, December 25

à la maison.


On Christmas Eve, after work at the races, I popped into town with the sisters and bought a few things...


Christmas Day began with mass in Foxrock church at 10a.m.
Sarah and Jessica did the Goal mile up in Leopardstown after.
We took some photos and ate breakfast as usual just as Karen from nextdoor called in with Johnny.
We have just finished giving each other our presents and I am verrry pleased to say the least...

Wednesday, December 21


Dear Lamb.
I want to thank-you for the most wonderful of days I spent with you yesterday.
I feel I have found somebody who will be attending every important event in my life regardless of where we find ourselves in the future.
I could quite literally very happily spend everyday with you like that. Such a pity our time was so short, but I am looking forward to your weekend break over.. and have come up with plans already!
Have a fantastic Christmas with your family, and Austria will be immense too!
Lots and lots of love,
Your Cat

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