Friday, February 15

Recent purchases..

Here's some recent purchases of mine with shops and prices (if I can remember) below each item.
Most of these are all in preparation for summer.. even though I'm not sure whereabouts I'll be for summer yet.
Somewhere hot at least.

 Necklace €6 Forever 21

Bracelet €5 Aldo

Necklace €16 Accessorize

Bag €25 New Look

Jacket €15 Bershka

Top €20 Zara

Top €15 Zara

Top €10 Bershka

Wednesday, February 13


I can't wait for summer!
Hot weather..
tribal prints..


Tomorrow's a bit of a big day. 
I am finally getting a small procedure to help my back pain.

I cannot wait.. despite my dislike of hospitals and hatred of needles.. I actually have wanted this day to come for so long! My only wish now is that they inject some seriously powerful stuff that will give me relief for the next few months.

I have become so accustomed to having constant irritation and pain that it will be such a weight lifted off my shoulders if it works.

fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!

Thursday, February 7

In the depth of winter..

Things have not been so great of late.
Nothing bad fortunately, but I guess after Christmas, the long winter months seem to last forever, the prospect of looming exams doesn't help either.
I find that it is just too easy to fall into a funk for several days. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
I'm sure this feeling comes around every year to most people.

Time to remember Camus.

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