Sunday, July 29


Some summer wish list items and inspiration.
Every year it's the same. I feel the urge to dress like a total hippy. Fortunately this year, all the shops are bursting with tribal prints.
Asteks, hippyish, blacks and browns...

Saturday, July 28


My beautiful Kat is back!!
After over 4 months of only skyping, she is back in Europe!
She flew from Sydney to Paris and stayed a too-short day and night with me before heading back over to Strasbourg.
She's since gotten a bike and plans on cycling for the month around France..
I have my doubts... but we'll see, the bets are on!
She's headed down to see Clem in Bordeaux now and no doubt I'll be seeing more of her hopefully sooner rather then later. At the latest in September when I visit her in the Netherlands.

Wednesday, July 25


In Val d'Europe we spotted a frozen yoghurt place where you pick your yoghurt flavours, toppings and sauces and then weigh it all at the end.
We don't have these in Ireland that I know of and the weather here is so hot and gorgeous that we had to avail.
So delicious, despite setting us each back a fiver.
I will definitely be eating these again on days when I get good tips.

We then just sat outside in the courtyard. It's Katie an English girl below, and my finnish roommate Laura. I am so lucky to have such a great roommate!! We work and live together so it's a lot but thank god we get on great!

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