Saturday, January 19

My Favourite Blogs

I've decided to compile a list of some of my favourite blogs. Some are fashion, others lifestyle, a bit of crafts and then some interiors.
Probably the only ones I actually read are the lifestyle kind, whereas the others I just like browsing through and getting inspiration from the gorgeous photography.

Number 1. 

First and foremost has to be the stunning crafts blog
They have the most gorgeous food photography posts with unusual recipes such as the following;
lavander hot chocolate, green apple and spinach smoothie and crispy french toast. The blog also does some organisation and decor tips, along with craft and DIY ideas. Its presented beautifully, and they post daily.

Number 2. 

Next up is lifestyle blog
This blog is just really simple and pretty and is about the life of a gorgeous finnish girl. She is young, has a beautiful appartment, loves to cook and dresses really well. What's not to like?

Number 3.

This next blog is a fashion blog from the Swedish Angelica Blick.
She's fairly well-known I believe and I love her laid-back slightly hippy style. She also has a nicest tattoos...

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