Tuesday, January 31


Sunday, January 29

Imprimé léopard.

There was an animal themed soiree last Thursday, so I decided to go all out.
I luckily had a leopard print dress, so then just did my make-up, and painted leopard spots on every other spot of bare skin.

Saturday, January 28


Last night, Friday, Dan and I went over to Kat's where she very kindly taught us how to make sushi!
It actually isn't too hard at all, but there are a few tools you need a knack for making a perfect roll.
Marsu, Le Goat and Clem joined Dan, Kat and I and we still didn't manage to finish it all.
All the other Irish etc.. went out to Kehl last night, but I resisted. And it's probably a good thing I did because I woke up this morning barely able to speak with such a sore throat. Oh well.


Tuesday, January 24

Un diner presque parfait.

Dan and I hosted the first dinner from our new Come Dine with Me type game.
We have a group of us split into teams, who will cook every Sunday evening for the next few weeks.
Dan and I went with a Mediterranian-ish theme. Where I created the sangria, and starter of bruscetta and Dan did the main course of seafood noodles.
It worked out pretty well as we used a room with a large table downstairs in Les Laureades.
And the best part is, that now we have gotten ours done first and out of the way, we have about 5 more Sunday's where we can just arrive and totally relax. :)

Sunday, January 22


My new lens arrived.
A zoom. So is similar to the one I currently own, but it perfect for taking shots of things further away, mostly outdoors. Or it can get me some close-ups without making people feel so uncomfortable that the camera is in their face.
We will see. But I'm excited.

Sunday, January 15

Couteau et Fourchette.

Last night, Saturday, Katie's parents took the Dublin bunch of us out for a drink of delicious Riesling Alsacian wine in Saxo, and then onto Flam's for our favourite dinner.
I'm not sure if I have explained the concept of Flam's before but it is basically an unlimited amount of thin pizza type creations in every flavour imaginable.


I popped into the Kiko store recently, and picked up two things in the sale.
I had originally seen this store in Spain last year when I did a week of the pilgrimmage Santiago di Compostela. It was in Madrid, and I instantly fell in love.
They have stand-alone shops, that are really well presented, and helpful staff.
It would be the equivalent of walking into a MAC store, except for one major difference...
The price.
The products are all gorgegously packaged, they have a huge variety of colours, densities, products for all skin-types. And overall the quality is brilliant.
There are a couple of things where the quality have not match-up to the likes of MAC etc..
But as they are a relatively new company, I think I can give them some time to fully figure out the perfect formulas.
The prices are not ridiculously cheap, but they are very decent for the quality that you recieve.
Anyway I picked up a blush, which is beautifully packaged, as below, and a new highlighter pen for the eyes.

Saturday, January 14

Pour une vie de toutes les couleurs.

Here are few recent purchases that I have made in the french sales.
Overall, I think I was a little disappointed as to what collections most of the shops put on sale, for example H&M was far better at home in Ireland, then it is here.
All that seems to be on sale is rather cheap looking knits or flimsy tee-shirts.
Because France has an evident problem with good-value stylish clothing,(you have to spend quite a lot to get quality), the shops that I do shop in are not french-brands.
Having said that, I did get the coat I have been lusting after for the past 2 months at a great price.
I also picked up an unplanned bag from Zara, that I love, and will use for college for the next few months.
A pair of leggings from Stradivarious, and some mittens and a matching headband.
I adore these types of headbands because my ears are always the coldest part of my body.
And with temperatures here dropping daily.. come in handy!

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