Sunday, January 15


I popped into the Kiko store recently, and picked up two things in the sale.
I had originally seen this store in Spain last year when I did a week of the pilgrimmage Santiago di Compostela. It was in Madrid, and I instantly fell in love.
They have stand-alone shops, that are really well presented, and helpful staff.
It would be the equivalent of walking into a MAC store, except for one major difference...
The price.
The products are all gorgegously packaged, they have a huge variety of colours, densities, products for all skin-types. And overall the quality is brilliant.
There are a couple of things where the quality have not match-up to the likes of MAC etc..
But as they are a relatively new company, I think I can give them some time to fully figure out the perfect formulas.
The prices are not ridiculously cheap, but they are very decent for the quality that you recieve.
Anyway I picked up a blush, which is beautifully packaged, as below, and a new highlighter pen for the eyes.

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