Saturday, January 14

Pour une vie de toutes les couleurs.

Here are few recent purchases that I have made in the french sales.
Overall, I think I was a little disappointed as to what collections most of the shops put on sale, for example H&M was far better at home in Ireland, then it is here.
All that seems to be on sale is rather cheap looking knits or flimsy tee-shirts.
Because France has an evident problem with good-value stylish clothing,(you have to spend quite a lot to get quality), the shops that I do shop in are not french-brands.
Having said that, I did get the coat I have been lusting after for the past 2 months at a great price.
I also picked up an unplanned bag from Zara, that I love, and will use for college for the next few months.
A pair of leggings from Stradivarious, and some mittens and a matching headband.
I adore these types of headbands because my ears are always the coldest part of my body.
And with temperatures here dropping daily.. come in handy!

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