Saturday, January 14

Germe de soja.

Last night a bunch of us went for dinner to celebrate Katie's 21st birthday.
We had actually gone out the night before(Wednesday) to really celebrate, and everyone was consequently feeling a little worse for wear.. especially Katie, as everybody kept buying her drinks in the nightclub.
Although the food actually tasted good, and the restaurant decor was nice, our waiter was quite rude, which you rarely experience here in Strasbourg.
He didn't take our order for anything, starters, drinks etc.. for at least 45 minutes despite being constantly given the nod or asked to come over.
When he did take the order eventually I asked for a dish they made just to be without chicken, and he just said no immediately and wouldn't let me have any normal dish just without the meat.
So I have to get two sides, one of rice.. and one of beansprouts basically!
I couldn't even order a side of sauce!
Seemed very strange.. needless to say, we will not be returning there, but we did all leave well-fed.

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