Thursday, May 2

Big move.

Wow. So I made a rather big decision yesterday. I had been thinking about it for quite awhile, but over about 24 hours the decision was really made.
My friend Laura from Disney last year is heading over to Australia on the famous working holiday visa on the 22nd of May. We were workmates and roommates, not to mention great friends. We often talked about embarking on this trip last summer, but often those kind of pipe dreams/plans don't materialise.
However... when Laura booked her flight and finalised her plans to head over with or without me, I started to get the aussie bug...
I had originally planned to do my exams and head over after maybe learning to drive properly and going on a family holiday..
But as I'm not sitting exams in the end, and have experienced a fast recovery from my operation, Laura,  mum and dad have convinced me to head over earlier.

So yesterday, after a quick call to get the green-light from Katie, the perfect outside opinion, I booked my flight and got my visa!
I leave on the 22nd of May, and join Laura in London from where we fly to Hong-Kong and onto Cairns!

I felt a wee bit anxious yesterday, I am definitely still cautious about the decision, but the more research I do, the more confident I feel. Plus, Laura is the ideal travel buddy, great fun, always up for a laugh, super relaxed yet organised and efficient! This is the beginning of a whole new adventure...

Friday, April 26


Coachella fashion is the best. 
I wish I lived in a climate where one could where these kinds of clothes everyday.

Friday, April 19


What a great night. 
It started off in a friend's house having a few drinks, from where we took the venga party bus into town to a party in Dame Lane. Unfortunately, a bouncer in the club found our hidden (under the table) bottles of extra vodka, but at that stage we had probably had enough.
On entry to the ball, I pretty much lost everybody except lovely Dervla who is always great fun. We bopped around for hours bumping into people including the one and only BASTILLE!
We walked in the back entrance to Alunageorge, and right at the back were themselves.. tucked away.. the four of them. I couldn't believe my eyes and immediately headed over.
They couldn't have been nicer, and it was great fun. After awhile we wished them best of luck for the set later on and headed off to dance..

Friday, April 5


Trinity ball is coming up and I cannot wait! I've only been once a cause de erasmus and rowing, so I definitely had to make it this year.
Talking about styles to wear today with Stephen over coffee got me thinking..
What do I want to wear?
Girls can pretty much get away with anything, whereas guys may not be accepted without suit attire.
My thoughts are going along the lines of hippy, tribal-esk styling.. long maxi skirt with string top and lots of arm bangles and rings and beaded belts...

Wednesday, March 20

Hippy Hudgens.

Browsing around blogs last night I came across a tumbler on Vanessa Hudgens style, and I had forgotten just how well she dresses..
I remember I used to love her style ages ago which was really boho-chic kind of, and now that summer is coming up, and I've actually been considering moving to hotter climate for the year...
Maybe I will actually be able to channel her style!
She seems to have gone far more hippy-ish which is great because I love all that, and I couldn't stop looking up pictures of her outfits for inspiration for when I go shopping for summer gear soon.
I also didn't realise that she was going out with the gorgeous Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries!
Another plus.

Sunday, March 10


Today is Mother's day, so we went to our favourite place - The Fern House. We were all there, and it was just lovely. The cousins are coming over now. Good way to spend a Sunday.

Friday, February 15

Recent purchases..

Here's some recent purchases of mine with shops and prices (if I can remember) below each item.
Most of these are all in preparation for summer.. even though I'm not sure whereabouts I'll be for summer yet.
Somewhere hot at least.

 Necklace €6 Forever 21

Bracelet €5 Aldo

Necklace €16 Accessorize

Bag €25 New Look

Jacket €15 Bershka

Top €20 Zara

Top €15 Zara

Top €10 Bershka

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