Wednesday, March 20

Hippy Hudgens.

Browsing around blogs last night I came across a tumbler on Vanessa Hudgens style, and I had forgotten just how well she dresses..
I remember I used to love her style ages ago which was really boho-chic kind of, and now that summer is coming up, and I've actually been considering moving to hotter climate for the year...
Maybe I will actually be able to channel her style!
She seems to have gone far more hippy-ish which is great because I love all that, and I couldn't stop looking up pictures of her outfits for inspiration for when I go shopping for summer gear soon.
I also didn't realise that she was going out with the gorgeous Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries!
Another plus.


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  2. I really like this post and her style its very pretty especially for spring/summer I have a lace jacket just like hers I love wearing lace it really compliments anything especially when its cream or black coloured :D also thanks for your sweet comment on my page I replied but thought I should leave a reply here too just in case you could not see it :) x

    - Reply: Hey Cat, Thank you for the sweet comment, and I have a youtube video waiting to go up actually so I will provide my channel link below for you and will try get it up for Sunday :D. I will be doing more posts every Wednesday on Fashion, and my partner takes my photos and he also does a variety of photography but this is his first time doing style photos and mine just for fun :) you will find his blog at I also have his link on my photography page and some of his work.

    Thanks for the comment and I hope to hear more from you soon :) have a nice day x


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