Thursday, May 31

Le Briocolage.

Cutting up some t-shirts that I bought in the men's section yesterday.
The shops are full of sleeveless shirts,
By cutting off the shoulders of a couple of 6euro tee's from Penney's, I think it gives a bit more of a grungey look, at the same time as being cost efficient.


My wishlist/to buy list:

Mickael Kors watch in gold or silver
Maroon/wine coloured converse
Pair of cross earrings
Vintage levi shorts

I have the order in for watches, and tried on 8 pairs of the levi shorts.. but unfortunately they are all so different, waiting on the perfect pair.
The converse are sold out at the moment and cross earrings are nowhere to be found! Except in Urban Outfitters where they are heavily overpriced.
Mission ongoing.

Wednesday, May 30


I bought this new satchel bag in dundrum today with Sonia. She bought one too, and another slightly different model. Katie then said that she wanted one!
Popular and practical.
From Urban Outfitters.

Tuesday, May 29


Eating quesadillas under the cloudy but warm weather. Break from social media working....


Spending the day blogging and other such activities with Katie Harrington. Watch this space... up and coming fashion and media expert!

Monday, May 28

L'Inspiration de mai.

My May inspiration featuring of couple of my favourites... Angelica Blick, Connected to Fashion and DulceCandy.

Le fond de teint.

So I bought MAC's face and body foundation in the colour C4, slightly more tanned for summer.. but not orange-toned.
This would be my first ever MAC foundation, but to be honest I'm not too convinced on it yet.
The consistency is rather thin, therefore one uses far more product than an ordinary foundation. The pro's to this is that the colour and texture are buildable. Making it a foundation that can work for both day and night.
Unfortunately I have come out in these little bumps all over my face. The recent heat could have caused a heat rash, the suncream I use solely on my face my be a little old, or this foundation might just not suit me.
Is it about to be found out?! I hope not.

Le Chagrin.

A bundle of joy was lost yesterday, when our local cat had a beautiful kitten who didn't survive.
Mother cat seemed to give up, and abandoned the kitten, who had not yet opened her eyes, or grown larger then the palm of my hand.
The kitten was always too small and weak, and the mother probably sensed that she would not survive, so left her to die early on.
Painfully sad.


What I'm listening to at the moment...

Landon Austin, youtube musician.


Very impressive lookbook shots from Zara. For a company that prides itself in its ability to succeed without advertising, they sure do know how to promote their clothing through images that really make you want to buy...
Stephen and I plan on a few doing a few shoots soon. For me, these pictures below are perfect inspiration.

Wednesday, May 16

Le Fric.

Picked up a few things in Liffey Valley today with mum.

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