Saturday, May 24

Simple musings.

Having finished my last exam on Wednesday, I am left with a feeling of delight, a weight off my shoulders, and excitement about is what to come next.
Unfortunately with possibility, comes uncertainty.
I had previously felt as though I needed some more travel to get it out of my system. I thought of finding a job for the summer, paying off my debts, and jetting off again somewhere exotic, new and exciting.
I hadn't expected to start to settle back into Dublin. Spending 2 out of the past 3 years abroad, it seems customary to pop back to Ireland for a bit to get my exams, sort out my finances and jet off again. But something has made me want to stay this time. Maybe I'm just simply growing up and crave some certainty in my life. I find myself wanting to commit to a phone contract of two years, move into a nice apartment in a good location in relation to the city and my friends, and most of all I find myself wanting to join teams and solidify a social life for myself here, reviving old friendships.
The wanderlust hasn't totally disappeared, and I do find myself occasionally browsing travel blogs, reminising over old travel photos, or just sending messages to friends in all parts of the world, but the urge to get a fun and rewarding job, move into an apartment with new people and buy a car, has overcome that wanderlust, for the first time.

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