Monday, February 20


The other day, Valentine's Day, Dan obviously knew that there might be a shortage of gifts up on the top floor of Les Laureades. In order to lift our spirits... he did something very sweet.
I hear a knock at the door first, and some backround music... as I make my way and open the door, I arrive to see Dan kneeled down singing along to his laptop, from where a romantic song plays. He holds out a flower and a simple love letter cut into a heart shape.

We both burst out laughing.
But as boys go, Dan's a pretty good one to be living near :)

Wednesday, February 15


On Saturday night, we headed out from the hostel back into the centre, and just ended up having a wander around, taking in the atmosphere in the quartier rouge at night and had a few drinks in a bar.
Sunday, we managed to somehow get the hostel breakfast in time, and then headed out to the streets again.
It pretty much snowed all day Sunday, which was quite nice to be honest. Amsterdam is definately a really nice city, but I would need more then a weekend to really discover it. And you would probably be better off with a smaller group as its so hard to keep everybody moving in one direction.
On Saturday we actually visited Anne Frank's house, despite waiting in line for 30minutes and the 9euro fee, it was actually really good. It was a nice amount of time for the tour, and was easy to follow. Despite the topic being harrowing, it was actually very enjoyable.
I got more use out of my lens on Sunday too, and these are my favourite types of pictures to capture, just faces and expressions. Especially Clem's because she is so photogenic!








Tuesday, February 14

L'oreiller en plumes.

We left for Amsterdam Friday night at 11pm. After being on a couple of these trips now we were far more prepared with pillows and blankets, so surprizingly we got a bit of sleep.
We arrived to the hostel, which was 10minutes tram from the centre, but it was really big and nice. 6 of us girls shared a room, so we got changed and ready for day and headed out to bare the cold and snow. It seemed actually colder then in Strasbourg which is hard to imagine.
We got breakfast in a nice restaurant and had a good wander around the streets and canals.
It was really nice and bright so perfect for taking photos.
We searched for the red light district for ages... and then when we finally found it, it was so scary!!
I didn't really know what to expect... but I never imagined that the girls in the windows would be at like eye-level on tiny narrow little lanes! It was so personal! It was horrible when you caught one of their eyes like... uggghh. Anyway that was interesting!
Here are some pictures of objects and such that I took, my new lens turned out a hit!d It is perfect for travel etc.. 

Monday, February 13

Produits de première nécessité.

On Friday before heading off to Amsterdam, I went to Rivetoile with Kat, because I havn't actually been shopping in so long. I needed some basics which I got two of. I still can't find a nice pair of jeggings which is annoying, but luckily I did find this black skirt and I replaced the most beloved black jodphur/leggings from Zara. My other ones were slightly different, but they fell out the window... 17teen floors... I searched but never found. So least I have these ones now anyway.


On Wednesday night we went out instead of the usual Thursday, because a big party about half an hour away was planned by Capt'em. The theme was romans, but everytime there is this theme I seem to dress up as a Greek.. Kat came over to get ready before we headed down for drinks in Sarah's apartment with some french girls. We later headed over to Clare's in La Marne before getting on the buses to bring us to the club.

Sunday, February 5

Faire de la luge.

I picked up this faux fur gilet yesterday in the sales in... stradivarious. Of course.

Saturday, February 4


Today, Saturday, Susie and Gwen came over and we headed out to Rivetoile on a mission to find some dress Susie needed. I nipped off to the Kiko store and picked up a few bits and pieces. It is such a good value shop! And there was a sale on too so I managed to get the eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick reduced.
I have actually been trying to wear far less make-up recently, because some of the french girls don't wear any, and it's definately a nice change. But I do enjoy playing around with different products. Especially my growing nail polish collection... 


Things have been a bit slow here since returning from holidays.
The weather has gotten so so cold it can be hard to even step outside. For example, right now, it is minus 18 degrees! You have to wear normal clothes and then as many wooly jumpers as you can fit under your jacket.
There have still been lots of soirees, events and parties, but things don't seem quite as fun as they were last semester unfortunately.
Luckily, Katie was selling off her ski trip ticket because she can't go anymore, so I decided to get it instead which means in 3 weeks time I'll be jetting off down to the Alps for 8 days.
That will be brilliant fun, as there are about 50 of us from the college going, and only 4 of us erasmus girls.
Not only that, but there was a trip to Amsterdam being organised for next weekend so I decided to go aswell!
It's much more cost effective to travel with college because they can get big coaches to take us for far less then trains or eurolines buses, which can actually be really expensive.
So things are definately picking up anyway, and fingers crossed this cold spell will finish up soon.
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