Saturday, February 4


Things have been a bit slow here since returning from holidays.
The weather has gotten so so cold it can be hard to even step outside. For example, right now, it is minus 18 degrees! You have to wear normal clothes and then as many wooly jumpers as you can fit under your jacket.
There have still been lots of soirees, events and parties, but things don't seem quite as fun as they were last semester unfortunately.
Luckily, Katie was selling off her ski trip ticket because she can't go anymore, so I decided to get it instead which means in 3 weeks time I'll be jetting off down to the Alps for 8 days.
That will be brilliant fun, as there are about 50 of us from the college going, and only 4 of us erasmus girls.
Not only that, but there was a trip to Amsterdam being organised for next weekend so I decided to go aswell!
It's much more cost effective to travel with college because they can get big coaches to take us for far less then trains or eurolines buses, which can actually be really expensive.
So things are definately picking up anyway, and fingers crossed this cold spell will finish up soon.

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