Tuesday, February 14

L'oreiller en plumes.

We left for Amsterdam Friday night at 11pm. After being on a couple of these trips now we were far more prepared with pillows and blankets, so surprizingly we got a bit of sleep.
We arrived to the hostel, which was 10minutes tram from the centre, but it was really big and nice. 6 of us girls shared a room, so we got changed and ready for day and headed out to bare the cold and snow. It seemed actually colder then in Strasbourg which is hard to imagine.
We got breakfast in a nice restaurant and had a good wander around the streets and canals.
It was really nice and bright so perfect for taking photos.
We searched for the red light district for ages... and then when we finally found it, it was so scary!!
I didn't really know what to expect... but I never imagined that the girls in the windows would be at like eye-level on tiny narrow little lanes! It was so personal! It was horrible when you caught one of their eyes like... uggghh. Anyway that was interesting!
Here are some pictures of objects and such that I took, my new lens turned out a hit!d It is perfect for travel etc.. 

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