Tuesday, November 29


Kat and I went for a run yesterday evening. We ran/walked around parc d'Orangerie twice and couldn't resist jumping into a massive pile of crisp leaves.
Unfortunately about two seconds later we ran into a bunch of the lads heading to a handball match... slightly embarassing..
Kat then convinced me to stray from my desk for longer than anticipated as she lured me to her kitchen with the promise of mushroom ravioli...
It was so worth it! And we popped to the Irish pub after, but I didn't stay long as the amount of work I have is gradually creating a small pile of stress in my head... :S
Today, I have 3 different meetings and just came from discussing a video we have to make for my creation publicitaire class. I suppose it could be worse. At least the work is relatively interesting.

Sunday, November 27

Le Lit.

The christmas markets have begun, and Strasbourg is packed! Or at least it was yesterday afternoon when I attempted to pop into the centre to have a wander around.
Dan and I had gone for a walk on Friday night in town and it is gorgegous with all the lights and decorations up. By day, the atmosphere was a bit more hectic. Although I did probably choose the worst day, the first day..Saturday. I think Clem, Kat and I are going to head back in for a bit of a wander now and pick up some insense, a pretzel and a cup of hot wine.

Last night we trained for the beer trophy in Georgie's apartment with the boys again. It was actually relatively productive and we have managed to recruit two members from another team Olivia and Emeline, who are both really good! We are all on about the 3/4 second mark, with the exception of Kat who still manages to beat the boys with her 2 seconds.
A couple more people came later on and we left Georgie's pretty late to go to Rafiot or this other party.
All in all a really nice Saturday night.

Friday, November 25

Des Rires.

Georgie, Susie, Kat and I just went for lunch in the university... and had a huge laugh about last night!
But I remembered that I lost my keys... argggh. So annoying, I rarely, if ever lose things. I am using a spare right now, that Katie had luckily, but I need my letterbox key and buzzer to get into the apartment building. I will search Kat's room and also head back to the bar to see if they found them.
Wish me luck...


Ciara. Hef.

Dan. D-dog.


La Folie.

Last night we went out. Best night ever.

Like every Thursday, there is a big night organised by one of the student societie's. They are always in different clubs and with different themes. Last night was a hippy, Woodstock theme and took place in La Salamandre which is only a ten minute walk from us.
I went down to Dan's for about half an hour where he was planning on having people over for des aperos. I left there early to head over to Kat's, finish getting ready and then mosy on to a french party.
The aperos in this guy Pierre's house was great because his apartment was right around the corner from the club.
When we eventually arrived inside, the place was nothing more than a bar with a massive dancefloor. But the music was so great!! All the others arrived from Dan's apartment and we literally spent hours on the dancefloor because every time you would try to sit down or take a break, another song that you just could not resist would come on! It was a mixture of 70's, 80's and 90's music, with the odd irish gig thrown in, (for Laura's benefit...)
It was just one of those nights where everybody goes crazy and nobody cares what they look like, or if their dancemoves are ridiculous! We were waltzing..salsa-ing and every other kind of dance last night! Hahah so so so much fun!

Thursday, November 24


Wednesday was a fairly packed day... I began class at 8, and managed to escape away for an hour of lunch at 12 to Kat's where I attempted to figure out why more French aren't vegetarians.. less then 2%, actually.
More classes until 5, and then I ran-off to meet my french friend Julie, who is in the other university, for a quick coffee.
At 7, Dan, Susie, Laura and I headed out to brace the freezing cold to meet Dan's parents who were taking us to Flam's! I have been to flam's twice now and I just LOVE it! It is such a kind of Italian inspired style of eating, where you all sit down and chat over courses that just keep on appearing.
The tarte flambees there are so so good, and they have all kind of wierd flavours to cater to every tastebud..
I havn't had the time to be taking much photos, but Kat, Clem and I have a little something up our sleeves for Saturday... So I will document the results accordingly.
Ciao ciao.

Wednesday, November 23


The week is flying by as per usual... Wednesday already and I feel like I havn't gotten through much of the load of work that needs attending. My room is even kind of messy. Wierd.
Tuesday saw a couple of classes, two coffees, one with Nico and one with Estelle. I then attended a brief enough meeting to do with the BDI liste, or rather campaign group for next term.
Headed over to Kat's as usual for some tasty pumpkin soup and a bit of French television.

Tuesday, November 22


For the third time... we went to the uni restaurant yesterday.. it simply can't be beaten for value, and the taste is not so bad either! Ha.
After some work and lectures, we got dressed-up in our supposedly florescent clothes.
To be quite frank, this was the night we all put in the most effort, and although we may have strayed far away from the theme of the night... with various 80's style outfits and a couple of GAA jerseys,
we might as well have not put in any effort!
When we arrived, we couldn't help but burst out laughing! As it seemed the french had opted out of the idea of un deguisement!
Oh well, we all had a great time in Hef's room in La Marne, and Zanibar wasn't too bad either.

Sunday, November 20

La Crêperie.

Last night Laura and I headed out to Homme de Fer to meet Elise and her two friends, Clemence and Margot. We went to a crêperie restaurant that was very typically french, and really sweet! There was a nice atmosphere, a lovely waitress and delicious food!
The five of us immediately got on great, and were the last to leave the restaurant!
I got a vegetarian savory crepe with mozzarella and vegetables for dinner and then desert was an apple and cinnamon crepe. Two of the girls shared a very impressive looking flaming crepe!

When we finished up dinner eventually we took a wander around the city which is getting all Christmasy! The biggest Christmas tree in Europe is now placed in Place Kleber, in the middle of being decorated, and the lights are all up and we are just waiting for some of them to still turn on. The second carosel, a stage and the ice-skating rink have all been placed beside the cathedral and the markets should be starting in a week or two!! So exciting!!

The group of us stopped in a Brassiere for a drink or two, and were later joined by Susie and Kat. We stayed here until it closed too and then said our goodbyes.
Kat and I popped over to a party in La Marne where all the french lads were, but I didn't stay too long.

Today, as everything is always closed on Sundays, we are attempting to be good and study and get some work done with classical music playing in the background and insense lighting in the corner of the room.
Seems to be working!

Saturday, November 19


Kat and I actually went again to the cafeteria for lunch yesterday after our big thursday night out which was great fun. We ended up getting ready in Kat's with Georgie and Susie and heading over to a boy Pierre's house for a very short time before we left to get the bus to the club.
It was a new club 30 minutes away above Strasbourg. And the club had been booked out just for EM. It was so cool and fancy and had ferrari's in it, and the whole building was a glass pyramid!

So Kat and I went for a big recovery lunch in the university yesterday afternoon, and I attended a meeting about a presentation for a few weeks time.
Then the girls managed to convince me to go out again last night! Because it was Gwen's birthday, so everybody, as in all the irish and a couple of french, headed to La Marne residence to the Galway's boys apartment to celebrate.
That was great craic as the Cork crowd are all such a lovely bunch.
When the others headed off to get the bus to Kehl, a couple of us, Kat, Georgie, Antoine and Clem headed back to Kat's where she cooked us some lovely pasta.

Today after a long lie-in, I popped into town with Kat where I got some socks and a lovely cardigan that I really liked for ages and saw it on sale so grabbed it up!

Recently I have been making his gorgegous lunch... it's so simple and can be made with pasta or not and is just a bit of balsamic vinegar, goat's cheese, tuna and loads of mache! It is probably the healthiest tastiest meal I've ever made...

Tonight Laura and I are going to meet our friend Elise and her two french friends for dinner in a restaurant in town. It should be good fun, as Elise is so lovely and easy to get on with! We met her because Laura was paired with her in the buddy programme. Face of the day/night.

Thursday, November 17


I havn't posted in awhile I guess we've been relatively busy. Lots and lots of project, groupwork and presentations over here which takes up a lot of time.
Kat and I went for lunch in the main universities cafeteria the other day and got a huge amount of food for a very small price! It is all sudsidised by the CROUS agency which is great!

Tuesday, November 15

Le Paquet.

I got a lovely surprize yesterday when I finally managed to get my parcel from the Post Office.
Allan, the greatest friend in the world, had sent me over a belated birthday package and he couldn't have been more thoughtful or generous!
I don't want to write what I found inside because it's a bit too personal, but let's just say I've been enjoying my Irish heritage here in my little studio!
I am so grateful to Allan and it couldn't have come on a better day either because for some reason I was having a bad one.. suddenly feeling overwhelmed with things to be completed and progress to be made.

For the rest of the day I just attended lectures and went for a coffee with Nico, who helped me correct my disgraceful lettre de movtivation so that I can apply for stages, and not look like a total fool...
I came home and after the big strong coffee couldn't stop cleaning, figiting and moving around. Kat and Susie were up in the room and thought I was a bit bizarre.

Things are better today, got up and went for a run to burn off that excess energy, and am popping into the CAF office with Kat to get things sorted and we might have time for a quick wander around the shops if we're lucky.

Sunday, November 13


Today began with the recovery from last night..
After a morning meeting in college, and some other bits and bobs, Laura, Katie and I got ready and popped over to Emeline's apartment.
It was so gorgegous- small, but perfectly organised and really cosy. She even had this lampshade on that made her whole room look green when the light was on, and together with all black furniture it looked so chic. Treees classe. Interior envy.
Later Julia joined us, and the 5 of us sat there for hours chatting about everything under the sun! It was such great fun, and irish girls and french have a similar sense of humour we found out..
We walked into Gallia on Julia's orders and went in Bar Rafiot, one of the bars on the water.
After an hour or two of dancing, we decided to move the party to Le Living Room.
Here there were a couple of the other erasmus and irish, but we walked home together at a reasonable hour.

Today, nothing much happened.. a lot of 90210 season 1 in french, which makes me feel like I'm learning.
And Dan had the idea of going to mass in the Cathedral this evening, but it might be a little late for that so I think instead we are going to go over to Chez Georgie and congratulate her on her amazing achievement of winning a spider award for best educational website!
I think we're going to pop in a french movie or play a bit of Wii.
C'est tout pour ce moment.

We managed to make it to mass tonight and it was lovely. Our first time in the cathedral which was extremely impressive, and there was a brilliant singer all throughout the mass too.
Katie and I had marched into the centre, and then made a decision to run in the cold to pop in to Georgie's. Now back at home about to make some late dinner and get organised for the week ahead.
A much more productive evening.

Saturday, November 12

Friday, November 11

Jeannette et des cycleux.

Today, I had a nice lie-in until 12! Then made myself a little healthy snack of mache and balsamic which is actually so tasty!

I then headed over to meet a friend Estelle outside school, from where we hopped on the tram into town.
There was a fashion week meeting on in a bar, Jeannette et des cycleux, just around the corner from the cathedral, in which I attempted to understand what was going on..
After everyone left, Estelle, Antoine and I hung around for a second coffee and a chat.

Antoine and I then headed out to have a look in some of the finest stores Strasbourg has to offer.. we rang the bell to enter Gucci, wandered around a couple of shops like that and imagined what one would buy if we were loaded, much like the things I miss doing at home with Lamb :(
We then wandered over to A's apartment in Gallia where we chilled out and had a lovely chat with his room-mate. Nice way to spend my afternoon.
Tonight, I just went for a walk with Katie around town and am going to try get a good sleep despite my lie-on already.

I forgot to mention the other day a couple of things I picked up in this deadly shop Le Leopard.
It is a kind of friperie, second-hand store, where everything is really cheap and I managed to pick up this baby blanket, which I wear as a scarf.. and over-sized jumper for 10euro together!
The girls thought the jumper was hilarious.. and I have to admit, that I do resemble something of a large fluffy bird when I wear it...
Nevertheless I will most certainly be returning to Le Leopard.

Thursday, November 10

Des choses trés fille.

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day in school from 8.00am.
I had quite a few classes and met one of my french buddies for a coffee and croissant in the downstairs cafeteria.
After class I came home and spruced up my apartment a bit, put on a wash and had a shower.
I got ready for the evening and went down to Susie's studio for some yummy brocoli soup.
Emeline and Julia came over before heading out, and we had a good time getting ready, chatting and talking about make-up of course...

We headed out with our large crates of beer in hand. And managed to make it to Petite France relatively quickly. We all managed to fit into the small studio where we met the french lads and a couple of others that I hadn't met before.
Because there were so many people, it was impossible to properly "train", so we just chilled out for awhile which was nice.

Everybody headed into town then, where we stood outside Le Java debating whether or not to go in for about an hour. We didn't end up going in because as it turned out most of the fun was outside.
A couple of the girls decided to head home, a couple had gone in Le Java and so Kat and I headed off to chez Maxime with a couple of the frenchies.
We had another few drinks and great craic. Kat and I couldn't believe how neat and organised Maxime was! Lovely to see.. and eventually walked home together in the early hours.
Unfortunately, although I hadn't drunk all too much, and no wine was involved, I still had a raging headache all today, so I'm going to have to find some alcohol that suits me better...

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