Saturday, November 19


Kat and I actually went again to the cafeteria for lunch yesterday after our big thursday night out which was great fun. We ended up getting ready in Kat's with Georgie and Susie and heading over to a boy Pierre's house for a very short time before we left to get the bus to the club.
It was a new club 30 minutes away above Strasbourg. And the club had been booked out just for EM. It was so cool and fancy and had ferrari's in it, and the whole building was a glass pyramid!

So Kat and I went for a big recovery lunch in the university yesterday afternoon, and I attended a meeting about a presentation for a few weeks time.
Then the girls managed to convince me to go out again last night! Because it was Gwen's birthday, so everybody, as in all the irish and a couple of french, headed to La Marne residence to the Galway's boys apartment to celebrate.
That was great craic as the Cork crowd are all such a lovely bunch.
When the others headed off to get the bus to Kehl, a couple of us, Kat, Georgie, Antoine and Clem headed back to Kat's where she cooked us some lovely pasta.

Today after a long lie-in, I popped into town with Kat where I got some socks and a lovely cardigan that I really liked for ages and saw it on sale so grabbed it up!

Recently I have been making his gorgegous lunch... it's so simple and can be made with pasta or not and is just a bit of balsamic vinegar, goat's cheese, tuna and loads of mache! It is probably the healthiest tastiest meal I've ever made...

Tonight Laura and I are going to meet our friend Elise and her two french friends for dinner in a restaurant in town. It should be good fun, as Elise is so lovely and easy to get on with! We met her because Laura was paired with her in the buddy programme. Face of the day/night.

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