Sunday, November 20

La Crêperie.

Last night Laura and I headed out to Homme de Fer to meet Elise and her two friends, Clemence and Margot. We went to a crêperie restaurant that was very typically french, and really sweet! There was a nice atmosphere, a lovely waitress and delicious food!
The five of us immediately got on great, and were the last to leave the restaurant!
I got a vegetarian savory crepe with mozzarella and vegetables for dinner and then desert was an apple and cinnamon crepe. Two of the girls shared a very impressive looking flaming crepe!

When we finished up dinner eventually we took a wander around the city which is getting all Christmasy! The biggest Christmas tree in Europe is now placed in Place Kleber, in the middle of being decorated, and the lights are all up and we are just waiting for some of them to still turn on. The second carosel, a stage and the ice-skating rink have all been placed beside the cathedral and the markets should be starting in a week or two!! So exciting!!

The group of us stopped in a Brassiere for a drink or two, and were later joined by Susie and Kat. We stayed here until it closed too and then said our goodbyes.
Kat and I popped over to a party in La Marne where all the french lads were, but I didn't stay too long.

Today, as everything is always closed on Sundays, we are attempting to be good and study and get some work done with classical music playing in the background and insense lighting in the corner of the room.
Seems to be working!

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