Thursday, November 3

Marrons Chauds.

On Tuesday night, Dan and I decided to give the chestnuts a go in the pan.

Typically roast chestnuts are cooked in an oven, but following internets instructions, they can also be cooked in the pan on a very high heat.
I scrubed the chestnuts clean and Dan begin chopping the ends off, so that when the chestnuts get hot they don't explode.

We threw a few on the pan and within a few minutes had our little black balls ready for peeling.
It's fairly easy to just peel off the crispy shell and you are left with a kind of soft nut, that looks like a fat walnut.

Unfortunately... it doesn't taste like a fat walnut...
Even with salt or honey, the roast chestnuts, Dan and I concluded, tasted exactly like boiled eggs.
And because they have a different texture it just doesn't work at all.
Bit of a pity they didn't work out, but it's possible we may have cooked them wrong...

In other news, yesterday college started back again.
After class I headed into the city to meet another french girl for coffee. She was lovely and we have planned to meet for drinks next week some evening.
I then headed to Le Brassiere to meet up with the girls who had come back!
It's so good to have them back and hear noises bopping around nextdoor again.
The brassiere was great fun and I even met some french friends there who invited me to join the fashion week team! So really excited about that!

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