Friday, November 11

Jeannette et des cycleux.

Today, I had a nice lie-in until 12! Then made myself a little healthy snack of mache and balsamic which is actually so tasty!

I then headed over to meet a friend Estelle outside school, from where we hopped on the tram into town.
There was a fashion week meeting on in a bar, Jeannette et des cycleux, just around the corner from the cathedral, in which I attempted to understand what was going on..
After everyone left, Estelle, Antoine and I hung around for a second coffee and a chat.

Antoine and I then headed out to have a look in some of the finest stores Strasbourg has to offer.. we rang the bell to enter Gucci, wandered around a couple of shops like that and imagined what one would buy if we were loaded, much like the things I miss doing at home with Lamb :(
We then wandered over to A's apartment in Gallia where we chilled out and had a lovely chat with his room-mate. Nice way to spend my afternoon.
Tonight, I just went for a walk with Katie around town and am going to try get a good sleep despite my lie-on already.

I forgot to mention the other day a couple of things I picked up in this deadly shop Le Leopard.
It is a kind of friperie, second-hand store, where everything is really cheap and I managed to pick up this baby blanket, which I wear as a scarf.. and over-sized jumper for 10euro together!
The girls thought the jumper was hilarious.. and I have to admit, that I do resemble something of a large fluffy bird when I wear it...
Nevertheless I will most certainly be returning to Le Leopard.

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