Sunday, November 27

Le Lit.

The christmas markets have begun, and Strasbourg is packed! Or at least it was yesterday afternoon when I attempted to pop into the centre to have a wander around.
Dan and I had gone for a walk on Friday night in town and it is gorgegous with all the lights and decorations up. By day, the atmosphere was a bit more hectic. Although I did probably choose the worst day, the first day..Saturday. I think Clem, Kat and I are going to head back in for a bit of a wander now and pick up some insense, a pretzel and a cup of hot wine.

Last night we trained for the beer trophy in Georgie's apartment with the boys again. It was actually relatively productive and we have managed to recruit two members from another team Olivia and Emeline, who are both really good! We are all on about the 3/4 second mark, with the exception of Kat who still manages to beat the boys with her 2 seconds.
A couple more people came later on and we left Georgie's pretty late to go to Rafiot or this other party.
All in all a really nice Saturday night.

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