Thursday, November 10

Des choses trés fille.

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day in school from 8.00am.
I had quite a few classes and met one of my french buddies for a coffee and croissant in the downstairs cafeteria.
After class I came home and spruced up my apartment a bit, put on a wash and had a shower.
I got ready for the evening and went down to Susie's studio for some yummy brocoli soup.
Emeline and Julia came over before heading out, and we had a good time getting ready, chatting and talking about make-up of course...

We headed out with our large crates of beer in hand. And managed to make it to Petite France relatively quickly. We all managed to fit into the small studio where we met the french lads and a couple of others that I hadn't met before.
Because there were so many people, it was impossible to properly "train", so we just chilled out for awhile which was nice.

Everybody headed into town then, where we stood outside Le Java debating whether or not to go in for about an hour. We didn't end up going in because as it turned out most of the fun was outside.
A couple of the girls decided to head home, a couple had gone in Le Java and so Kat and I headed off to chez Maxime with a couple of the frenchies.
We had another few drinks and great craic. Kat and I couldn't believe how neat and organised Maxime was! Lovely to see.. and eventually walked home together in the early hours.
Unfortunately, although I hadn't drunk all too much, and no wine was involved, I still had a raging headache all today, so I'm going to have to find some alcohol that suits me better...

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