Monday, October 22

Lookbook #3.

Thursday, October 18


Yet more interiors... I can't wait to own my personal little studio pad and be able to do it up just as I like.
Until then, I will continue visualising...
white, white, white.

Saturday, October 13


Little Sarah's got another Deb's tonight, so we had the standard garden photoshoot, and I have to admit that the camera does seem to like her a lot..
A little bit of sunshine, a couple of nice backdrops and a stunner.
We went with the classic more natural style make-up again, slightly different eye colour instead of the golds that we used with the pinks last week.
I have come to realise that one cannot go wrong with plaits either, and there are so many different types that it can always be interesting.
Her hair was surprisingly easy to manage involving only 20 minutes to GHD curl all round and than throw most of it over to one side, while I began the inside-out french plait from one side to the other.
To finish it off, I separated the remaining loose hair into 3 sections and spun them back into the plait to ensure that her hair will stay secure and in shape for the night.

Et voila!!

Thursday, October 11


A couple of things I wouldn't mind purchasing, or a few pictures that I felt I had to save.
Almost everyday I browse various blogs and pick out fashion or photography photos that appeal to me.

Tuesday, October 9


A couple of snaps of my beautiful sister on her Deb's night...

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