Friday, April 20


Favourite new snack.

Monday, April 16

La Fixation.

Having recently watched the OUTSTANDING movie Drive, I have become rather smitten with Ryan Gosling again... and Laura told me about this hilarious letter that somebody wrote to him. Can be found here on this blog.
It's called an Open Love Letter to Ryan Gosling, and you can imagine the theme..

A second new-found love.. is Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in A Game of Thrones. I just finished watching the first series and I cannot stop thinking about it and keep trying to convince people to watch it.
Here is just one good reason...

Sunday, April 15


A new nail polish and liquid eyeliner, the best of which I have EVER tried. Going to go back and get another one, while I still have Kiko here on my doorstep.

I did the make-up for a couple of french girls before the Gala, which was a big ball a couple of weeks ago, and they got me this cute little scarf to thank me! 

Friday, April 13

La Perte.

Missing you Kat... can't wait for our week in the Netherlands!!

Wednesday, April 11

Que l'on remarque.

I've been playing around with editing and can finally change eye colours and backgrounds...phew.

Saturday, April 7


A chocolate rice crispy cake is about all my kitchenette can manage this Easter. I plan on bringing it to Georgie and Susie's apartment tomorrow.

Thursday, April 5

Bac à sable.

With thunder and lightning yesterday, and the non-stop rain today... I havn't been wearing these new summer shoes unfortunately. 

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