Wednesday, March 20

Hippy Hudgens.

Browsing around blogs last night I came across a tumbler on Vanessa Hudgens style, and I had forgotten just how well she dresses..
I remember I used to love her style ages ago which was really boho-chic kind of, and now that summer is coming up, and I've actually been considering moving to hotter climate for the year...
Maybe I will actually be able to channel her style!
She seems to have gone far more hippy-ish which is great because I love all that, and I couldn't stop looking up pictures of her outfits for inspiration for when I go shopping for summer gear soon.
I also didn't realise that she was going out with the gorgeous Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries!
Another plus.

Sunday, March 10


Today is Mother's day, so we went to our favourite place - The Fern House. We were all there, and it was just lovely. The cousins are coming over now. Good way to spend a Sunday.

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