Monday, August 13


Below are a couple of new things I've been making on a regular basis.
- Strawberry yoghurt, museli and banana with cinnamon for breakfast.
- Rice, veg and an uncle ben's tandoori sauce.

We had a picnic by the lake in Serris today. Baguettes, pesto, mache, orange juice, crisps, cheese and other stuff. Hmmm.

Such a sunny day. We lay out chatting for a few hours after. Perfect way to relax after a tough working week...



My sandwich...!

Laura, me and Victor.

Lookbook #1.

I've been browsing the website Lookbook everyday recently for fashion inspiration or just to look and admire nice clothes and outfits.
Here is the first installment of some of my favourites from the past while.
A trend of swedish hippies does seem to be coming about.


Here are a couple of my favourite recent purchases.
The bag is amazing, I feel like it is one of the greatest things I have ever ever bought and I love it more each day..
Although the work crowd make fun of all the flowers in my hair and the fringe bag and long skirts.. paired with being a vegetarian, which is frowned upon in France(!), I now have many new nicknames varying from Pocahontas to Roast Beef to tree hugger.

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