Friday, November 4


Yesterday(Thursday), I had some good classes like Creation Publicitaire, which flew by because we spent one half of the class watching old advertisements.
Later on I had my theatre class with the new teacher being as crazy as the last one.
One of our exercises required us to sit in pairs opposite one another and have a conversation in a made-up language infront of all the others.. I suppose this is a slight improvement on last weeks class of massaging eachother..

Last night, Kate popped over here as I was getting ready and then we headed over to Georgie's for pre-drinks.

Georgie was great to have us over and she invited lots of the french too which was really nice, although I couldn't help but noticing that the nationalities were pretty separate.
This is what is really frustrating about the language thing. I, and the others can get along fine in a one on one conversation, but when groups come together it is just so difficult to get by and understand one another, when all the lingo and fast talking comes out.
I keep feeling like I am taking one step forward and then one step back.

Oh well, as everybody says.. it will come. I just am very impatient. I want to be fluent NOW.

Georgie and me always seem to have these big deep interesting conversations when we're together.
Although I think sometimes that we are quite alike, she has a lot of amazing traits that I definately do not have yet... and I always think I am learning when I'm with her.
The nightclub was more of a bar, and with no dancefloor it didn't end up being an incredible night, but I crawled home at around 4 in the morning nevertheless. I hadn't been out in a long time before that, and tonight we are just going to head to the Irish Pub to watch the Leinster-Munster match, which will hopefully be a nice relaxing way to spend the evening.

I have 7 hours of class in the morning from 8.00am. Yes, on a Saturday.
So not exactly looking forward to that... but we are taking a trip to Europa Parc on Sunday so I cannot wait!!! I can barely remember the last time I was on a rollar-coaster, so super excited!
Then on Monday, I'm going to get back into Operation become fluent in-French.

But right now, I'm going to hop into the shower and then give my studio a good scrub.
I actually really quite enjoy cleaning these days... It makes me feel so good and organized and happy in myself. Strange.
And here is my latest nail colour.. not sure if I love it or not yet. But it always takes awhile.

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