Monday, November 7

Montagnes Russes.

On Sunday we dragged ourselves up at an unforgivable hour of 6.30. We just about managed to make the bus to Europa Park at 8, and were all in high spirits by the time we got there.

We first ran into the haunted house delighted to see that the park was so quiet, we had no queues.
We were all really hyperactive in the morning and were shocked to find real people dressed-up in the haunted house! They would jump out and feel you, which was a bit more than we bargained for!
We all wanted to warm ourselves up for the big rollarcoasters so we joined a line for an indoor one which we couldn't see so we couldn't talk ourselves out of it.
The ride was great! But it left us wanting more... afraid that the park would get busier we scuttled off to the biggest rollarcoaster of all and within 5 minutes were sitting vertically being brought up what can only be described as the biggest drop ever...

Everybody was good enough to get on, and we had no scary-cats which was great. The ride was soooo good, fast and scary. Exactly what we wanted.
We were blessed with crisp, sunny weather and a virtually empty park, where we could wander freely and not have to worry about queues etc..
We split up into smaller groups to explore the full park, but met up for lunch in "Italy" later regailing our stories of various rides and shindigs.

When we were all together again we decided to go on the biggest rollarcoasters a couple more times which ended the day perfectly.
We were wrecked crawling back on the bus again that evening, but we still managed to pop along to the Irish pub when we got back to celebrate Kate's birthday a little.

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