Thursday, November 24


Wednesday was a fairly packed day... I began class at 8, and managed to escape away for an hour of lunch at 12 to Kat's where I attempted to figure out why more French aren't vegetarians.. less then 2%, actually.
More classes until 5, and then I ran-off to meet my french friend Julie, who is in the other university, for a quick coffee.
At 7, Dan, Susie, Laura and I headed out to brace the freezing cold to meet Dan's parents who were taking us to Flam's! I have been to flam's twice now and I just LOVE it! It is such a kind of Italian inspired style of eating, where you all sit down and chat over courses that just keep on appearing.
The tarte flambees there are so so good, and they have all kind of wierd flavours to cater to every tastebud..
I havn't had the time to be taking much photos, but Kat, Clem and I have a little something up our sleeves for Saturday... So I will document the results accordingly.
Ciao ciao.

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