Sunday, November 13


Today began with the recovery from last night..
After a morning meeting in college, and some other bits and bobs, Laura, Katie and I got ready and popped over to Emeline's apartment.
It was so gorgegous- small, but perfectly organised and really cosy. She even had this lampshade on that made her whole room look green when the light was on, and together with all black furniture it looked so chic. Treees classe. Interior envy.
Later Julia joined us, and the 5 of us sat there for hours chatting about everything under the sun! It was such great fun, and irish girls and french have a similar sense of humour we found out..
We walked into Gallia on Julia's orders and went in Bar Rafiot, one of the bars on the water.
After an hour or two of dancing, we decided to move the party to Le Living Room.
Here there were a couple of the other erasmus and irish, but we walked home together at a reasonable hour.

Today, nothing much happened.. a lot of 90210 season 1 in french, which makes me feel like I'm learning.
And Dan had the idea of going to mass in the Cathedral this evening, but it might be a little late for that so I think instead we are going to go over to Chez Georgie and congratulate her on her amazing achievement of winning a spider award for best educational website!
I think we're going to pop in a french movie or play a bit of Wii.
C'est tout pour ce moment.

We managed to make it to mass tonight and it was lovely. Our first time in the cathedral which was extremely impressive, and there was a brilliant singer all throughout the mass too.
Katie and I had marched into the centre, and then made a decision to run in the cold to pop in to Georgie's. Now back at home about to make some late dinner and get organised for the week ahead.
A much more productive evening.

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