Tuesday, November 15

Le Paquet.

I got a lovely surprize yesterday when I finally managed to get my parcel from the Post Office.
Allan, the greatest friend in the world, had sent me over a belated birthday package and he couldn't have been more thoughtful or generous!
I don't want to write what I found inside because it's a bit too personal, but let's just say I've been enjoying my Irish heritage here in my little studio!
I am so grateful to Allan and it couldn't have come on a better day either because for some reason I was having a bad one.. suddenly feeling overwhelmed with things to be completed and progress to be made.

For the rest of the day I just attended lectures and went for a coffee with Nico, who helped me correct my disgraceful lettre de movtivation so that I can apply for stages, and not look like a total fool...
I came home and after the big strong coffee couldn't stop cleaning, figiting and moving around. Kat and Susie were up in the room and thought I was a bit bizarre.

Things are better today, got up and went for a run to burn off that excess energy, and am popping into the CAF office with Kat to get things sorted and we might have time for a quick wander around the shops if we're lucky.

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