Friday, November 25

La Folie.

Last night we went out. Best night ever.

Like every Thursday, there is a big night organised by one of the student societie's. They are always in different clubs and with different themes. Last night was a hippy, Woodstock theme and took place in La Salamandre which is only a ten minute walk from us.
I went down to Dan's for about half an hour where he was planning on having people over for des aperos. I left there early to head over to Kat's, finish getting ready and then mosy on to a french party.
The aperos in this guy Pierre's house was great because his apartment was right around the corner from the club.
When we eventually arrived inside, the place was nothing more than a bar with a massive dancefloor. But the music was so great!! All the others arrived from Dan's apartment and we literally spent hours on the dancefloor because every time you would try to sit down or take a break, another song that you just could not resist would come on! It was a mixture of 70's, 80's and 90's music, with the odd irish gig thrown in, (for Laura's benefit...)
It was just one of those nights where everybody goes crazy and nobody cares what they look like, or if their dancemoves are ridiculous! We were waltzing..salsa-ing and every other kind of dance last night! Hahah so so so much fun!

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