Monday, October 31

Design d'Intérieur.

Last night I went to dinner in Kat's which was lovely to catch up with Georgie and Kat and a french boy. It's great that everybody is beginning to return now.
I even had a visit this morning from a very groggy looking Dan, who was recalling stories of his mad week away with friends.
I have been taking it easy this weekend. Pizza out with Georgie, watching films, taking another coffee with a french girl today, who turned out to be lovely! We speak French first and then English but it was great because she seemed to want to speak more French. We got on really well, so I'm sure I will meet up with her another time.
I sent an email to a family I heard are looking for an English-speaking babysitter, and dropped in a CV to a pasta place who are looking for staff, unfortunately the manager wasn't there at the time, and had yet another nostalgic wander around the shops.

I tidied up the sheets of vocab and phrases on my walls and am still thinking about ways to make my little studio look like the offices/bedrooms that I love!

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