Wednesday, October 26


Today I got up earlyish and wandered into town popping into shops on the way to ask for jobs, but to no avail.
I met Kate from Cork at Homme de Fer and we took the tram to the Gare. From here we bought our tickets and hopped on a train to Colmar!
The trains are so comfy, I could've happily stayed on there for a couple of hours as opposed to the short 29 minute journey.
We wandered around the town admiring how pretty it is, and were blessed with great weather!

Kate and I were lucky enough to meet a lovely French girl who helped us with our map... and then told us that she was going to take us for a tour of the town because she had lived there all her life.
We couldn't believe it! She took us around for about 45 minutes telling us the interesting stories and history of the town. She showed us the various buildings and their markings and explained to us what the colours of the houses represented and other interesting facts.
She was so lovely to just take time out of her day to do that, I'm telling you, the French are the kindest people!!

It was a gorgegous way to spend the day overall, and Kate and I had a constant flow of animated conversation about everything under the sun! And made sure to stop for plenty of coffees...

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