Sunday, October 23

Le Coupe du Monde.

This morning I woke up really groggy for the match.
The tiredness soon wore off though as the excitement that France might actually win the World Cup took its place.
I have spent the last few weeks familiarising myself with all the French players, and I felt almost as worked up as I would have if Ireland were in the final!
I think New Zealand definately were the star team of the tournament overall, and it is nice that they could win while hosting it in their country, but I thought France definately should have taken the prize for todays match.
After Parra's face got smashed, I was only delighted to see my ultimate favourite rugby player get to play more then usual.
Francois Trinh-Duc, was seriously the most underated player of the tournament I thought. But today I was so glad that people began to see his true potential!!... and looks..

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