Friday, October 21

La Gueule de Bois.

So last night was our competition...
We decided to dress-up as cats, as two of us on the team have that name, and also its easy enough, and I loved the thought of doing cat-like make-up!

The girls came over to mine and we had a quick warm-up beer, took some photos of our costumes and headed out to join the other competing teams.

There was a bunch of cool costumes like a boys team who were cows, and another boys team who dressed up as brides in wedding dresses and played the wedding theme song!

When we arrived at the studio, which was really just a hall in the middle of nowhere, we just had to hang around and wait for our team to be called to the platform where we would battle head to head with another team.

When our team did eventually get called.. we had to making our way through the crowds and get everybody cheering! But we were missing someone... Georgie had disappeared to the loo and we were standing on this platform against a team of 5 other girls who were taking it very seriously.. we had to ask them to wait.. that we couldn't find our final team-mate and the crowd started to get a bit impatient!!
But to the rescue came Kat's boyfriend!
He hopped on stage and just grabbed her and started kissing her so everyone was cheering and roaring laughing!
In then meantime our final pussy came along and got herself ready for battle.

We all knelt down infront the table holding our two glasses of beer.
And I looked across at my competition, who really shouldn't have been allowed enter the girls category because she was a man-beast!! I'm not kidding...she was huge!
I wouldn't have minded but she's not exactly miss friendly competition either..that scowl on her face!
Anyway, the referee counted us in and we were off! From here it's a bit of a blur because everything happened so fast, but I knew that we were doing well. The other team were good thanks to mrs. monster, but we were better.
Any little problems we had had before were gone out the window.
We flew like the wind!! Unfortunately with all the adreniline and people screaming at us, it was hard to concentrate on technique. And yes, there is such a thing as technique in beer-downing.
We got soaked!!!

We managed to beat the other team probably by a sizeable 5 or 6 seconds and the crowds went wild!!
Haha, it felt like we had a lot of supporters, mostly the other erasmus and a couple of the boys teams.
It was such a great feeling!

Unfortunately... although we beat the other team we played against we were penalised for wetness of shirts. And didn't make it through to the next round after all that! But the other team didn't make it in either which makes me feel slightly better.
Another silver lining is that aparently there is another beer trophy in February, so there has already been talk of weekly training sessions...

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