Saturday, October 29

La Dépendance.

Yesterday, I went to my interview which turned out to be in the cutest little family run sandwich store.
They all seemed so sweet and nice, but there was other people there for the interview too which I wasn't expecting. And I kept stumbling with my french so I'm not very hopeful unfortunately.

On the walk back, I popped into Rivetoile as per normal, and the new shop Kiko has opened! It is an amazing make-up store but with really really reasonable prices. I once came across it in Spain before and was really impressed but I'm so glad it's so close now.
There was a small sale of nail polishes from last season going on.. so I couldn't resist picking up 4 for 6euro! To add to my rather large collection...

When I eventually made it home, I gave my studio a big clean, put on a wash and then hurried out the door to meet Kate outside the Bains Municipales.
We went swimming for ages, or more like chatting at the edge, but it was really good, you can stay for as long as you want, and the building is so old and has loads of character.
I will definately be going back for another relaxing swim. But one really wierd thing was that there were these signs around the reception and pool saying that men cannot wear anything other than speedos!
So strange.. I have no idea why they would do that, but there were even pictures of bermudas with big X's through them.

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