Sunday, October 23

La détente.

Friday evening, Susie, Laura, Dan and I, ate dinner together down in Susie's room.
The others had all left for the mid-term Friday morning so we decided to have a nice night in and chat and watch a french film.
Dan and Susie cooked a delicious dinner of rocket and goats cheese bruscetta and a stir-fry.

After that lovely relaxing evening, we got up in the morning to head off to a brocante/market that ended up being really small unfortunately, so i didn't pick up the bits and pieces I had been hoping for.
But, I did manage to find desperate housewives season one and two other french movies in french for only a couple of euro. So I have been watching those.

I also found a pretty storage bottle to put on my dresser.

So after all are relaxing and recovering from the past few beer nights... we decided to go out..yet again!!
Dan left to visit some friends in Lille, so Laura, Susie and I headed over to a french guy, Mickael's apartment.
We arrived a bit late as usual, and found that we were the only girls..and erasmus! So it was great to get chatting in French and play a bit of Ring of Fire.
After a couple of hours we headed out to a club but didn't end up staying out too late. The three of us girls walked home together later.

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