Thursday, October 20

La bière.

I don't even like beer at all. But for the past two nights we have been "training" for a competition involving a team of 5, who kneel up against a table, with two cups of beer infront of them.
The idea is to down your drink as fast as you can and slam your cup back down on the table, then your team-mate does the same in a sort of relay fashion.
The 5th person has the toughest job of downing two cups at once... and then it goes back down the line finishing with the person who began.

The concept is actually simple.
But the drink is the hard part! You don't even taste it as you're just trying to get the fastest time you can!
Our team's star player Kat, can down her cup in 2 seconds!!

We teamed up with a team from the boys competition to train against, and had a great time! I'm sure we will be drinking with those lads again. Great craic!!

I will post our costumes and results from tonight over the next few days.

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