Thursday, October 27


Today I had a nice lie-in, and then organised a couple of things on the internet.
I have managed to get myself two kind of job interviews for the next two days, so very pleased with that.
Fingers crossed they go well.

At 13h30 I was collected outside the door of Les Laureades by a lovely Strasbourgeois. He promised to show me the real Alsace region since he has lived here all his life.
It was so funny to hear him talk all about it because I could tell he was so proud, and as we passed through the many pretty villages he pointed out his grand-parents and ancestors homes.

We first drove to Molsheim, a small town with typical Alsacian shops and houses. And he made great company, because although we had a language barrier.. my french not being exactly perfect.. and his english on a similar level, we are both really chatty people! So it worked out really well, and we ended up discussing everything under the sun!

After Molsheim, we drove to Obernai which I preferred as a town, probably because I got a really nice coffee and piece of apple and walnut tart. We wandered around here for awhile, Nico pointing out various things and telling me stories involving the town.

After we were refuelled, we headed back to the car and drove on top a kind of mountain facing out over Obernai and the surrounding Vosges mountains.


We then headed somewhere I can't really remember what it was called but past a town called Boersk or something and to a forest... hahah I know.. heading into a forest with a stranger!
But Nico had told me of an Alsacian past-time of picking chestnuts and later cooking and flavouring them.
We popped on some gloves because the chestnuts are surrounded by very sore prickly shells, and spent probably close to two hours in the woods picking these chestnuts!
I'd like to do it again because it was really quite relaxing and theraputic, and I didn't manage to catch sight of a wild boar this time :(

I said a quick hello to some beautiful horses in a nearby field and then we headed home after a long day.
And it was fantastic I got a lift right to my door again!

Oh I love french people!!!!

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