Wednesday, February 15


On Saturday night, we headed out from the hostel back into the centre, and just ended up having a wander around, taking in the atmosphere in the quartier rouge at night and had a few drinks in a bar.
Sunday, we managed to somehow get the hostel breakfast in time, and then headed out to the streets again.
It pretty much snowed all day Sunday, which was quite nice to be honest. Amsterdam is definately a really nice city, but I would need more then a weekend to really discover it. And you would probably be better off with a smaller group as its so hard to keep everybody moving in one direction.
On Saturday we actually visited Anne Frank's house, despite waiting in line for 30minutes and the 9euro fee, it was actually really good. It was a nice amount of time for the tour, and was easy to follow. Despite the topic being harrowing, it was actually very enjoyable.
I got more use out of my lens on Sunday too, and these are my favourite types of pictures to capture, just faces and expressions. Especially Clem's because she is so photogenic!








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