Friday, February 15

Recent purchases..

Here's some recent purchases of mine with shops and prices (if I can remember) below each item.
Most of these are all in preparation for summer.. even though I'm not sure whereabouts I'll be for summer yet.
Somewhere hot at least.

 Necklace €6 Forever 21

Bracelet €5 Aldo

Necklace €16 Accessorize

Bag €25 New Look

Jacket €15 Bershka

Top €20 Zara

Top €15 Zara

Top €10 Bershka

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god that first top from Zara is lovely! How come that every time I walk into Zara I can hardly ever find anything! :(

    Hey if you have time go and check out my blog (I just started it)


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