Monday, December 19

La Tour.

After the Repa, I unfortunately had previously booked my train for 7.15 on Sunday morning...
This meant about 45 minutes of sleep before I had to rise and shine again and head out to the station.
Between Strasbourg and Paris there was snowfall the whole way, but luckily for me there was none in Paris that day, and the sun was beautiful and shining.
Although when I stepped off the train, I had to race straight to the bathroom and put on a second pair of trousers and all the tops I had in my suitcase because I was so freezing!
I made my way to the Arc de Triomph by the metro and waited in a cafe for Katie and Sal to come and get me.
We then headed off and got lunch in a strange buffet type restaurant, where I experienced a really rude waiter, a gypsy girl getting booted up the behind, and we discussed the sterotype of Parisiens, which unfortunately according to Katie, is really quite accurate.
Despite the blatant rudeness of the citizens, there is a real atmosphere about Paris that one cannot deny.
Katie's apartment is prime location off the Champs, so I was able to drop my suitcase off, meet Stephan, Katie's flatmate and have a cup of tea in their beautiful French home.

Sal, Katie and I headed off for another wander and stopped for a coffee with a great view of the Eiffel Tower.
We messed around a bit with my camera and swapped numerous stories.
It was such a great day, despite being extremely exhausted after the past few days and nights.
Thanks to Katie for her tour, and for being so accomodating :)

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