Monday, December 19

Rouge à lèvres.

Saturday was our last day in Strasbourg and the day of the Repa de Noel.
I didn't do much besides pop to Rivetoile to finish Kat's present, pack a bit for coming home, and get ready for the night.
I went over to Kat's first as Cassie had returned for a couple of days :)
We headed down to their friends apartment for some Chartreuse, which turned out to be very interesting.. before heading over to the school for the Repa!

A reception of drinks and snacks was organised by the three BDE campaigning groups, this was followed by live music from student bands, a three-course meal, weird french games and a DJ and dancing.
The night was such perfect way to finish up this term, but it makes me so sad to think that I am already half-way through! It seems like madness to have come so far already.

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