Sunday, December 11

Surveille tes Manières.

Dan and I went into town Friday to attempt to do a spot of shopping. Unfortunately it was not so successful... it absolutely poured down from the heavens, and with a nippy bit of wind too, was altogether fairly gross to be walking around outside.
We popped over to Rivetoile to try get the things we needed but Dan was the only one who managed to pick up his christmas jumper he's been eyeing up.
I am undecided about this coat... but I really want it...

The past few days I have been trying to study for upcoming exams and get through a ten page typed essay in French about how theatre and drama can fit into the business world... not the easiest topic as you can imagine.
I have been burning my various insense sticks to keep the place relaxed and smelling like a hippy's grotto. But I love it.

Before heading out last night, I went over to Kat's house. Her friend who used to live in Strasbourg was visiting and we went for dinner in her old colocation. Infact, it is the same place that Susie and Georgie are in the process of moving into now! So it was nice to meet the colocs and see the place. It couldn't be more quintessentially french. It is so so beautiful and I think that I will be spending a fair amount of time there after Christmas...
After that, Kat and I headed over the direction of my apartment to a big french party.
It was great fun for awhile until the police arrived and everybody had to leave. We went onto another party in La Marne for a short while and then returned home.
Good night was had, and I'm back to the studying today...

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