Monday, March 3

My East Coast Must-Sees

Home from Australia almost 4 weeks now, and I still often find myself reminising on my favourite bits.
The downside of heading off alone is that when you arrive home you can talk and talk about your trip but nobody quite understands or "gets it" except your travel buddies who could live in any part of the world or are lucky enough to still be over there, living in the magic land.

Therefore I have resorted to talking to myself, and hopefully you too, a potential australian working holidayer?

If you are thinking of embarking on this incredible adventure, I have recapped my must-sees of the East coast (by East coast I am going about as far north as just above Cairns and down to Sydney).

Bare in mind that my list might not be in exactly the same order as yours would be, but I have done pretty much all the tourist and backpacker spots along the east coast and might have an idea about what you'd like if you are a travel-enthauasist, animal-loving, party go-er.

I plan on dedicating a blog post to each of my five favourites from fifth up to first position, to be posted over the next week and I will include as many photos and links as I can.

There are so many amazing adventures, trips, activities and moments from the East Coast from which I've chosen my favourites, including...

Cairns nightlife
Port Douglas
Cape Tribulation
Diving the Great Barrier Reef
Magnetic Island
Steve Urwin's Australia Zoo
Surfer's Paradise
Nimbin tour
Castaway island
Mojo Surf Camp
Byron Bay lighthouse
The Whitsundays boat trip
Fraser Island and Rainbow beach
Noosa national park
Bondi beach nightlife

and the list goes on and on...

If you do have questions regards any of these east coast trips that might not feature in their own blog post, just message me on and Ill do my best to answer you :)

Now for a couple nostalgic photos from my trip...

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