Monday, July 7

Thoughts on apartments.

A close friend of mine recently moved into his first apartment from home. I helped a little with the moving process and have got the urge again to leave home again for the third time maybe? I have left and returned already several times with the way things have turned out. But I imagine that the next time I move out of my parents home will be the final time, hopefully in part because of my new full-time exciting job (which I have yet to acquire..).

Anyway, back to the apartment. I love the moving process! It is an excuse for a minimalist like me to do yet another clear out and rearrange and organise my possessions. My first apartment was in a very old building in a super location, but the block was so old it was impossible to keep dust out, and all the furniture and fittings were ancient.
I heard once that as you move out, you move up.. so each apartment after the next gets better.
The following one was definitely a step in the right direction in some ways because I had my own small studio. It was brighter and less ancient.. and had slightly more modern fittings. Ergo, the fridge was not in the hall.

Now that I'm finished university, had a near-year away of travel experience, and in search for my first proper job, I feel a share in an apartment is the next appropriate step for me.
Helping Allan out was so much fun, and helped me decide on which area I would like to live in, and realise I do not wish to live alone, though preferably with tidy roommates with impeccable Swedish design taste..
Okay I realise this isn't very realistic. In the past I have been too uptight regards space, cleanliness etc..
But I hope after my time in Australia moving constantly from hostels, dorms and camper vans to tents, that I have chilled out enough to be a suitable roommate candidate.

Only time will tell, and I realise that I will have to insist on certain things such as a double room and private bathroto keep my sanity and be able to live with others in the communal areas.
So I've been keeping an eye out on for places and on pinterest for some small space design ideas and decor inspiration.
I'm pretty sure my apartment won't look exactly like any of the following pictures, but it's nice to have something to aspire to.

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