Sunday, August 3

An August wishlist..

This August is hopefully going to be a pretty busy month because I've got a job interview, a driving test, some friend's birthdays, and of course Electric Picnic at the very end.
Other than those big things, I will be doing my usual part-time work, some research into coding and digital marketing, might film a youtube video, and still reminiscing on renting a modern apartment around Grand Canal Dock.

As for a couple of things I wouldn't mind picking up when I get my first pay check are Hatching Twitter, the book about the founding of Twitter which sounds pretty similar to the Facebook story.

Another is the Nutribullet which I have been eyeing up in Brown Thomas for a few weeks now and which I am certain will be the beginning of a new healthier me.. !

Another thing on the wish list is that trip to Berlin in September. 
I have some close friends who are planning a trip over to visit a friend and I have never seen Berlin which almost seems like a crime these days. It sounds like such an exciting city so a few days there wouldn't go amiss seeing as I haven't been abroad in several long months.

Next up is a polypro hula-hoop. 
My current hula-hoop does the job, but I am simply outgrowing it and need a lighter and smaller hoop that will make practicing off-body tricks much easier.
Unfortunately they are pretty hard to track down and purchase the right kind. Maybe I will have some luck at a stall in Electric Picnic.

Ukulele lessons are also a must, since I bought that uke a few months ago now and I still cannot seem to be able to get it in tune, in spite of trying many times using youtube tutorials and buying a cherub tuner.

Oooh yes, another thing that fits in nicely to my new fit and healthy approach in September is black Nike free-riders. Although Im not much of a running fan, I do enjoy the gym, or hiking and at least having nice sports gear.

And I think the last thing on my wish list is some accessories for Electric Picnic. 
Half the fun of festival life for me is being able to look a bit crazy and release the inner hippy, tree-hugger. So I'll be after plenty of feather headbands and face paints for the festivities this year.


  1. I've actually been pestering my parents to let me get a ukulele all summer! I have a guitar, but I'm heading to college in 15 days, so a ukulele will be much more convenient to carry around. No idea how to play it, but my friends tell me that it's easier than the guitar, so I'm looking forward to that! Also, the Nutribullet is very interesting, now I want one too haha. - Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Berlin and hula hops! Just what I'm striving for for a pretty much long time! :)

    If you want to follow each other, just visit me and let me know! :)


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