Tuesday, March 6

Capter l'instant.

 Having my new zoom lens really has started to come in handy. My initial problem with it was that I have to be about a metre and a half away from my object for it to take a picture.
This could be kind of annoying, meaning that to take those kinds of pictures I have to change lens to my other one. But it really has started to blossom where I'm in outdoor situations. It gives me the freedom to simply stand or sit in one position and capture tons of different photos without having to move about.

Ski-schools were all about the slopes, and the really small kids even at the age of two, were down in a kind of ski playground with instructors. Some of them would be so good and you would see even the smallest kids whizzing down the red slopes with ease.

 Superdévoluy was the name of the resort we were at. Small, lots of mountains, student orientated, not the prettiest I heard from some of the experts, but nevertheless a perfect place for me to learn.

 This place VI AI PI, was up in the mountains and despite the outragegous prices(plate of chips 6euro), we stopped here nearly everyday. Most of the group of 40 of us would stop here around midday, and lounge in the sunbeds, or get something to eat or drink. On the last night this is where we ate, having gotten a special deal with the patron, who kept the place open for a 3 course dinner for us all. All pre-paid of course by our fabulous ski society organisers.

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